Wholesale Portable Breathalyzer Professional Precision Breathalyzer Digital LCD USB Rechargeable Professional Grade Accuracy Breath

The Breathalyzer Breath Tester has a unique non-contact design and features professional-grade precision, easy and convenient for you to use everywhere.

Name: Breathalyzer Breath Tester
Model: T05
Sensor type: Semiconductor type sensor
Display: LCD liquid crystal display (black and white)
Shell material: ABS
Test range: 0.00-0.19%BAC(0-1.9g/l)
Measurement unit: mg/l (BrAC) mg/ml (BAC)
Measurement mode: quick check, automatic detection
Measurement time: 20 seconds
Power supply mode: built-in rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Using battery: 3.7V 140MAH can be tested 150 times continuously
Power adapter requirements: DC5V 1A
Working temperature: 0-45℃
Warm-up time: 10 seconds
Blowing time: within 10 seconds, more than 4 seconds required
Response time: less than 5 seconds
Working current: 250MA (max)
Standby current: less than 20UA
Bare metal weight: 20.5g
Language: Japanese

Packing List:
1x Tester
1x Charging cable