Wholesale Portable Breathalyzer Test Strips Tester Paper Non-Contact Tester Exhalation Detector For Home

It is quick and easy to operate and can be read directly by the naked eye through comparison with standard colorimetric cards. dry test strips are used for rapid detection of content in human saliva without the use of instruments and equipment. The sensitivity of the test is up to 0.01% (i.e., 10mg/100m), and numerous studies have shown that the concentration in saliva and blood is almost equal.

Product: One-time saliva tester
Product size: 5.5*12cm
Small paper inside: 7cm*4mm
Measurement accuracy: 99.9%
Measurement range: 0.00-0.30% BAC
Measurement object: drivers and other drunken and dangerous operators

Package Listing:
1 set of One-time saliva tester