Wholesale LAMJAD Alcohol Tester Handheld Digital Breath Breathalyzer Analyzer LCD Display Mini Blowing

Feature and Specification


Product model: HD-JJCSY01
Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005
Product size: 112 * 61 * 29mm
Sensor type: semiconducting type
Test range: 0 ~ 0.199% BAC, 0 ~ 1.990% BAC, 0 ~ 0.995mg/L
accuracy: ± 0.010%BAC, ± 0.100%0BAC, ± 0.050mg/L
Working environment:
temperature: 20 ℃ ± 5 ℃, humidity: < 80% RH, atmospheric pressure: 86kpa-106kpa



*One-button operation, easy to use, the test can be completed in 22 seconds.
*LCD display for easy reading
*According to the degree of alcohol exceeding the limit, different beeping sounds will be emitted.
*Using highly sensitive semiconductor sensors, fast speed and accurate data.

*Powered by 3 AAA  batteries.(This product does not include batteries)


Alcohol Tester

High sensitivity sensing | Voice prompt|Recycling | High definition digital display

Multi Scene Use

No matter overnight drinking, family dinner, or colleagues' gathering, does it exceed the standard? A test will tell.

Hangover     Outdoor dinner    Family Party

High efficiency inner core
Precise conduction


Using high sensitive semiconductor sensor, the speed is fast and the data is accurate. Filter other impurities, leaving

only alcohol, so that there is no place for alcohol to escape.


Easy Shuttle

One button operation, easy to use, 22 seconds to complete the detection.

Blowing test
Eliminate secondary pollution

Avoid the growth of bacteria in pipe blowing, no contact with air blowing, more healthy measurement.

Drunk reminderDidi alarm

According to the degree of excessive alcohol, there will be different beeps.

Comparison table of breath and blood alcohol concentration


Serial number   Concentration of alcohol in breath of Brac    Blood alcohol concentration of Brac

More commonly used units in various countries

Alcohol concentration progress bar

*The machine will display Caution and Danger respectively, and the alarm sound accompanied by didi will indicate no driving.

High definition digital display


LCD high contrast display, accurate and sensitive; Three units switching, clear and easy to read, automatic memory

default unit in the case of non power off.

It uses three No.7 batteries, which can be used for more than 80 times. It doesn't need to worry about the power problem.

It can be replaced and recycled at any time.

Note: the above data are from Lydsto Laboratory for reference only, subject to the actual use.

Different from the inside out

Small and beautiful shape, portable, comfortable grip, in line with ergonomics.

The details are more intimate

The air nozzle can be changed to avoid secondary pollution

One-touch click onSimple to use, convenient and intimate

Small and beautifulAnytime, anywhere, use and test