Wholesale Breath Tester Non-Contact High-Precision Breathalyzer New Rechargeable Highly Sensitive Tester With Digital Screen

The Portable Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer is USB rechargeable. It is compact and lightweight so you can easily take it with you anywhere.
1. With a semiconductor sensor system, quickly measures alcohol levels.
2. High-precision LED display, clear reading.
3. Easy to use, long service life.

Type: Rechargeable alcohol tester
Response time: ≤15S
Measurement range: 0~0.19%BAC 0~1.9g/l
Marking error: ±0.01%BAC
Operating temperature range: -5℃~45℃
Storage temperature range: -20℃~50℃
Blowing continuity test: 5 seconds (flow rate: ≥10L/min)
Power supply: 200mAh battery capacity
Operating current: 150mA
Display: LCD display
Alarm mode: buzzer
Charging mode: DC5V1A
Colour: black, white, blue
Material: ABS

Packing list:
Alcohol tester*1
Charging cable*1
Instruction booklet*1